Santa Maria School


Our wellness program seeks to

Cuidar la salud social, emocional y psicológica de las estudiantes y darles las herramientas para que sean capaces de ver un sentido de cuidar de sí mismas y de los que les rodean.

We start from the idea that if a girl wants to progress in all her dimensions, it is necessary to have a safe space where she can feel accepted for her way of being and thinking.


Improve skills and interests with structured and planned activities.

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Encourage teamwork


Take advantage of free time
with a purpose.


All of our programs are held after the school day, in which students can enroll voluntarily.

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Model United Nations (UN)

SAMMUN - Santa Maria Model United Nations - is a simulation model adapted from the United Nations that was created with the objective of motivating and raising awareness among students to address current issues.

 The basis of this model is the desire to learn and prepare for the future through controversial debates on social issues and the search for possible solutions.

The girls who participate in this group strengthen their soft skills, argumentation, public speaking and non-verbal expression, developing negotiation techniques, writing action plans and persuasion.


Learning Development Team

Learning Development Team is our team of professionals in psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy that permanently supports the welfare and learning of students, providing support and monitoring throughout their school life.

Lines of action:

  • Diversity for learning
  • Support for learning development
  • Ongoing individual and group school counseling

Some of its functions:

  • Prevention, promotion and school orientation
  • Socio-emotional development program
  • Support to the academic process
  • Coexistence and mediation
  • Support in making the curriculum more flexible for special cases.
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Wellness and Coexistence Activities


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