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At CSM we are committed to the integral formation of academic excellence and wellness, aimed at preparing women for the evolution of the world. and Wellness, aimed at preparing women for the evolution of the world.

Somos el primer Colegio femenino en Bogotá que cuenta con la acreditación Council Of International Schools (CIS), enfocada en el desarrollo de las estudiantes como ciudadanas globales, a través de un aprendizaje de alta calidad en un ambiente de Bienestar.
Además, contamos con el modelo de Educación Internacional de Cambridge que les da la posibilidad a nuestras estudiantes de acceder a las mejores Universidades del Mundo.

The constant search for excellence has challenged us to become a school in constant evolution focusing on forming empowered women, with universal and traditional values and principles applied in a modern context for the construction of a just society.

There have been more than 4,000 alumnae who have lived the Santa Maria Experience during these 6 decades, all of them fulfilled in their life purpose, with countless skills that have allowed them to leave their mark. 

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Our Model

Colegio Santa Maria offers an educational project of academic excellence in which through an integral formation that combines high quality learning with a solid Wellness curriculum, we prepare women with values and skills to take on the challenges of the evolving world.

Educational project with academic excellence


Colegio Santa María, through an integral, solid and demanding formative process, contributes to the construction of a just and solidary society in the light of Catholic principles for a global environment.


By 2024 the CSM will be a school elected by:

  • The formation of citizens of the world for the construction of communities in a permanent process of teaching and learning.
  • The high working capacity of the institutional teams to respond to changing environments.
  • The solidity of resources for the development of the various projects.


We educate our girls to respect interracial, ideological and gender differences, training them in a modern and multicultural social context.


We train women of integrity in values and principles of coexistence and behavior who always seek to do the right thing and act in accordance with the good of the community.


Our commitment is to train women leaders, empowered and visionary women characterized by respect for good manners and moral principles.


We are supporters of good causes. We educate altruistic girls who care about helping those who need it most without the intention of receiving anything in return.

We celebrate

+ de 60 años

Hoy somos más verdes que nunca cumplimos más de 60 años formado mujeres para el futuro y a la vanguardia de la globalización, en los que hemos construido una comunidad de valores católicos de más de 200 colaboradores, 750 estudiantes activas y 4000 exalumnas y sus familias.


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