Santa Maria School


The school has been undergoing a complete remodeling and modernization of its facilities, making it the perfect second home for our CSM Family and one of the best schools in Bogota. Among the most outstanding works are the remodeling of the Chapel, the gymnasium, the expansion of 1,138 m2 of green areas, the renovation of 8 blocks, 2 sports facilities and a civic square of 556.5 m2.

Detail of the


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CSM Campus

Professors and Administrative staff

Soccer Field

Santa Maria Center






Green Zones

Sports Center


Primary Park





Civic Plaza



Preschool Park

Photography of the Administration module

A comfortable, functional and luminous space for work and attention to school visitors, the perfect place to make wise decisions.

Early Childhood Secretary: 3157907297
Primary Secretary: 3203874107
Middle School Secretary: 3203830328

High School Secretary: 3102046758
Portfolio: 3156718098
Phidias Support: 3178941847
Technology Support: 3175385152 - 3174008504 - 3164732187

Photography CSM AuditoriumThe auditorium has modern technical equipment with excellent lighting and sound. The CSM Family gathers there for special events such as presentations, congresses, fairs, concerts and other artistic manifestations. It has a capacity of 228 people and a stage of 39.44 m2.

Photograph Library CSM 1 Photograph Library CSM 3 Photograph Library CSM 4 Photograph Library CSM 5 Photograph Library CSM 6

The CSM library occupies an entire floor of 475.68 m2. The spacious corridors, the different reading rooms, the children's room, a reserved lounge and a 56.04 m2 terrace make this place a sanctuary of tranquility perfect for students to consult our bibliography of more than 17,695 volumes. In addition, they have the opportunity to consult a variety of literature books that can be read in the comfort of the library.

Telephone: 6714440 ext. 125

Photography Block 6 CSM Photography Block 5 CSM Photography Block 4 CSM Photography Block 3 CSM Photography Block 2 CSM Photography Block 1 CSM

We included a civic plaza and small paths that communicate with each other to facilitate the transit of people on rainy days and preserve the green areas of the school.

Accordion contents

Photography CSM Chapel Photography CSM ChapelPhotography CSM ChapelPhotography CSM Chapel Photography CSM ChapelPhotography CSM Chapel

The most sacred and peaceful place on campus where we proclaim our devotion to the Virgin Mary as the patroness of this beautiful family. It is the perfect place to pray, reflect and practice our faith as Catholic Christians.

Mauricio Dueñas

Photography CSM Nursing Photography CSM Nursing Photography CSM Nursing

Our greatest responsibility is to ensure the care of the girls and the peace of mind of the parents. The CSM infirmary is fully equipped with 3 stretchers, an oxygen tank, a large first aid kit, first aid vests, and other items of great importance to attend to any type of eventuality that may arise during the school day.

All procedures are done based on the medical history of the students provided by their parents, which we update periodically. In addition, the infirmary is in charge of constantly carrying out activities for the prevention of illnesses and performs evacuation drills in case of emergencies.

Phone: 6714440 ext. 104

Photography Gimnasio CSM Photography Gimnasio CSM Photography Gimnasio CSM Photography Gimnasio CSM Photography Gimnasio CSM Photography Gimnasio CSM

With 1,741.5 square meters, the gymnasium is the perfect place to gather the entire CSM Family for fairs and events organized by the school. It is also the training ground for our sports teams of soccer (2 times champions), volleyball (25 times champions), basketball (6 times champions), softball and, of course, the cheerleading squad, a group of outstanding athletes who have managed to position themselves among the best in the country.
We have a sports center and policheers.

Photograph CSM parking lot Photograph CSM parking lot

The school has 440 ample, spacious and delimited guarded parking spaces available for the entire CSM Family.

Photography-Parks-CSM Photography-Parks-CSM Photography-Parks-CSM  Photography-Parks-CSM Photography-Parks-CSM  Photography-Parks-CSM 

With 48,057 square meters of green areas, our campus is surrounded by parks and nature that nourish the eyes of our students and visitors, making it a place of recreation where you can breathe fresh air.


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