Santa Maria School


At CSM we seek to make our students agents of social change.

For this purpose, we complement the academic training of the students with a Welfare curriculum that fosters in them an awareness of solidarity with society. Within this program, the students are in contact with foundations, vulnerable neighborhoods, kindergartens and homes for the elderly of our social work network, carrying out activities that enrich their spirit of solidarity.


We are convinced that education is the pillar of a just and committed society.
With this ideology, we started 25 years ago the Santa Maria Center, an educational institution that seeks to educate the inhabitants of the neighborhoods surrounding our school. To date, we have contributed to the integral formation of more than 631 girls and boys of strata 1 and 2, making them part of the CSM Family.

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The school supports kindergartens and old people's homes in the surrounding vulnerable neighborhoods through volunteering and the delivery of markets.

With the MACS program (Mercados y Ayudas del Colegio Santa María) organized by the Pastoral area, every month funds and markets are collected with contributions from students, parents and teachers to deliver them to people with limited resources and contribute to the needs of the inhabitants of neighboring neighborhoods.

On the other hand, every year a large group of High School students carry out a Mission Camp in a vulnerable community. In this project, students, parents and teachers not only deliver markets and gifts, but also provide social service to the community, according to the professions of the attendees, such as: Dentistry and Pediatrics.

This is how our students form the habit of helping, building healthy human relationships and fostering social changes that allow people to have a better quality of life.


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