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Santa Maria School in search of giving tools to parents, to support the process of formation of our students at home, performs Parenting Schools and infographics with Tips for guidance, accompanied by experts in parenting, child psychology and clinical psychology, among others. Below you can be updated with videos and tips of the latest talks.

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Lettuce talk

Empower a Woman

CSM Alumni, the networking and integration space that brings together our alumnae community, in order to continue to maintain the link and connection between them and with the school, invites you to know the testimonies of some of our alumnae who represent the Spirit of Santa Maria of our students.

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Articles and literature

Juan Felipe

The Sense of Belonging and Identity

I have been uneasy over the past few months about what our daughters mean by a sense of belonging, and as a father of three, I have also
sense of belonging, and as a father of three, too, I've been

Article Ariana CSM

A friend too dark

-You're alone again, they locked you in your room again, didn't they?
-someone started to speak.
I didn't know where the voice was coming from, but I could feel



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